Sevenoaks Dance Fitness Yoga has evolved from a project working with the Sevenoaks District Council in Kent, UK.

Working in the heart of the community we bring people together and offer accessible, flexible, friendly, supportive and fun experiences in fitness, dance, weight management and healthy living. 

We also encourage and offer regular opportunities to attend social gatherings for all those that attend classses to enhance activity in the community and support each other.
We work in strategic partnerships with local authorities, charities, schools and public services to deliver educational, health and wellbeing experiences to identified demographics.

Whether it is for a dance class, exercise class, wellbeing seminar or a specialised program for a particular group we will always do our best to advise, deliver or make further recommendations.

Our instructors and coaches are highly qualified in their area of exerpertise.
We continually strive to expand upon our knowledge and bring this together collaboratively to all services provided to maximise the quality of the results we deliver.  

We also train others to deliver programs and we always seek feedback from those that experience our services and will make every effort to deliver beyond expectations.

Some examples of projects are:

*Obtain and deliver National Lottery funded community program
*Community rehabilitation programs 1-1's
*Community dance and fitness classes
*Primary school fete dance performances
*Primary school curriculum education
*After school clubs (primary & secondary schools)
*Event dance peformances
*Dancing in the Street for charity (highest fund raisers)
*Presentations to corporates for charity fund raising
*Development of online weight management program
*Development of community program for older adults
*Development of community program for post natal mums
*Development of community program to deliver fitness classes for people living with Dementia together with their carers (in development)
*Development of community program to deliver fitness classes for people living with arthritis & osteoporosis (in development)

If you have an enquiry please call 07833 449630 or email

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