10 Week Personal Nutrition & Exercise Program

This is a 10 week personal nutrition and exercise program that is designed uniquely to an individual.

The aim of the program is to

  • gain significant health benefits; lose weight, get fit or body sculpt
  • increase sense of well-being
  • take things slowly to bring about lifestyle changes

The process of the program is as follows:

  • you will provide information on your current diet by completion of food diary and a nutritional assessment will be undertaken and provided to you
  • you will provide details of your goals, motivation, expectations, likes, dislikes, history of diet and exercise and current lifestyle
  • you will provide details of your weight, height, body measurements and an assessment will be undertaken to establish your unique BMI, BMR, cardiovascular, strength, flexibility and functional capabilities.
  • you will receive a diet plan uniquely for you that will reflect all the macro and micro nutrients you will need
  • you will receive a program of exercises that will complement your uniquely designed diet and results from assessments
  • at the end of the 10 weeks, you will repeat all assessments, provide feedback on the program and celebrate successes together with agreeing on journey forward.

What you can expect

  • support from your coach to help you achieve your goals
  • education, motivation, guidance and recipes
  • a diet program unique for you
  • an exercise program unique for you

What I expect
  • you to give it 100%
  • keep food, mood and exercise journal throughout the program
  • you to reach out if need help with adherence to the program
  • regular  check ins to discuss successes and challenges overcome


By the nature of this unique program, you should contact us in the first instance as to your individual circumstances and needs on info@sevenoaksdancefitnessyoga.co.uk

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