"So enjoyable, fun and really enjoy the atmosphere of all classes"

" I have dropped 2 dress sizes since coming to classes"

"I so look forward to my Thursday class, nothing will stop me coming along, I so enjoy it"

"Everyone is so nice"


"Its amazing how much we have improved from when we started"

"I know that because I am already booked in, it motivates me moreso to attend and afterwards I am always pleased that I went"

"I like knowing that I definitely have a space allocated for me in the class and the courses always get filled quickly and as we are a small group, I get lots of attention which I like"


"I liked all of the workshop; it was fun, friendly and so freshing meeting a group of lovely ladies"

"I really enjoyed it and going through each style of dance step by step - slowly then faster and being able to get you to repeat and repeat"

"The teaching was idiot proof! Food excellent and company good"

"The pace of the movements and dancing was just right"

"I had a fantastic time.  I liked the steps being gone through as it helped a lot"

"one lady had a pedometer and apparently we danced 4.6 miles, over 10,000 steps"

"enjoyed the whole experience"


"Thank you so much for Saturday. The girls had a fab time and Daisy keeps showing me the dance moves. The party was great, a good mix of dancing and games and they seemed thrilled with their sparkly tattoos too!

I had a lot of positive feedback from the parents too who said their child had a great time so I expect the word will spread and I will definitely recommend your parties to others!"

1.1 Lessons

"I have been amazed at how much I have transformed; losing 2 stone and also changing shape it has been brilliant"


"Sheree has a caring and professional manner that puts you at ease.  The massage was exceptional, I came away feeling relaxed and tension eased, I would highly recommend.  The room was spacious and comfy, set in a quiet location.  The Oils used were heavenly.   I’ll be coming back for more! Karen/Sevenoaks."

Weight Management - Leaner Living Detox Program

“lost 9½lb and 5½ inches”

“lost 9lb and 7½ inches”

“lost 8lb and 5 inches”

“lost 9lb and 5 inches.  Planning to carry on with cleaner eating and I love doing the 10 min HIT as I can manage to fit that in on a daily basis.  Planning to get the dvd and try and get to your community class this week. Thank you so much Sheree for all your support, it is just what I needed and will be recommending you to all my clients and friends” (Heidi)

After 6 days on the program, here are some testimonials from those that have gone through the 12 day Leaner Living Program;

“lost 4llb and 4 inches, more importantly I feel more energetic and stronger”
“I have lost an amazing half a stone and a total 3 inches and that is without exercise!, that’s pretty impressive”
“the workout was hard on my legs, my weakest area, brilliant”
“the skin brushing is lovely”
“it is so encouraging to be doing the workout “with you” brilliant idea!”.
“I don’t have that bloated feeling anymore which is lovely and clothes are feeling more loose, so I am a happy bunny”

group photo crop


"It was brilliant to see the class perform at the fete, they did so well and learnt so much"

Retirement Activities

"I have attended a chair yoga class for almost a year and have found it of immense value.   Although there are various and many different exercise classes when you have a balance problem these become off limits. Chair yoga is the exception it keeps my body moving in a safe way, it has also made me confidant  when doing other things by making me aware of how to make myself more balanced. My attitude has also changed I am far more accepting of how I am doing day to day, rather than getting frustrated at what can't be done I tend to look at what can be."  Delia

"I have been attending the classes for 2years and find them a great help in moving and relaxing , I am 83years old and suffer with Parkinson's so am unable to do all the other things I used to like, rambling, cycling and I have also done many charity walks in the past.  I now find myself restricted and the Yoga has restored a lot of my confidence" Margaret.

"I have COPD and started Chair Yoga in 2015, following a lung function test result of 78%,  to see if it would help.  I didn't find it very easy at the beginning,  as it made me focus on my breathing more, but over time it has really improved.  in 2016 my annual lung function result had improved to 81% and this year it has gone up to 83%.  My Practitioner is delighted with my results and told me continue with Chair Yoga.  Sheree is such a good teacher and very sympathetic to everyone's different needs, she is a STAR.  I am fortunate to have good friends, but this has greatly widened with Sheree organising social activities too"  Kathy

"I have been going to chair yoga since the beginning.  Having had a stroke about 14 years ago I have found it has benefited me in as much as my muscles feel looser and balance is much better.  It is also a good discipline as I am not very good at doing exercises on my own.  Also that I had very little physio after the stroke so even after all this time i feel that I have been helped.  Finally the classes are most enjoyable" Pam

"I have attended the chair yoga classes for the last couple of years following on from the free yoga sessions.  It is great having such a beneficial leisure activity in the village especially for those of us that do not drive.  The classes have been of huge overall benefit: I have found it a great deal easier to relax and 'switch off '.  I have become more aware of my posture, stretching and  breathing techniques,   and many of these can be practised at home.   My shoulders and neck area, which were quite stiff, are more supple.  Sheree has taught me how to deal with cramp and I have taken on board special exercises for sciatica etc.  We have all benefitted from the knowledge of strengthening ankles and wrists and the way to help ourselves up if we should fall.  I recall in the early days finding it impossible to get out of the chair without using hands now it is second nature.  Sheree shares her expertise and gives us plenty of relevant  handouts and is also aware of  everyone's individual problems.  Above all, I  enjoy the social aspect of the class and the general 'feel good' factor." Jenny

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