Weight & Fat Loss Program

Some years ago I found myself being very unwell with severe stress and part of the clinical rehabilitation advice was to exercise and get fit.  I therefore learnt what I could to help myself in study and its application and went from 13½ stone to 9. 


From being unable to go out of the house and not function, I now share what has helped me with others.  I created a model (see below) from research which has subsequenly been applied by many resulting in positive outcomes 

leaner living diet and exercise principles model

I totally understand the difficulties with weight management and the programs that I created evolved from me being asked by others to help them.  I therefore drew upon the model and formulated a structured approach to educate, mentor, support and enable individuals to improve their wellbeing.

There are two programs one which is an accelerated process of learning over 12 days (click here for info) with daily interventions whereby you learn, do, lose weight, get fit and maximise results in a short duration of time but then continue on own equipped with the principles learnt with ongoing support at arms length.  It is undertaken online and with others so is a very cost effective way to give you what you need to make a positive start to your transformation.

The other is a bespoke process of learning and application tailored to individual goals (click here for info) over a 10 week period with personally monitored assessments, nutrition and exercise plan.  This is subject to availability and price is agreed in advanced tailored to individual goals.

In both instances, I expect commitment to the programs to deliver you the results that you wish for.  They are tried, tested and work and so with close interactivity during the learning process the support is there to refine to what works for you individually.   

For more information click on the respective program links or contact info@sevenoaksdancefitnessyoga.co.uk
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