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12 Day Online Fully Coached Detox Program with Sheree Cox Next held on Mon, 8 Jan 2018 at 6:00 pm - 6:00 pm
This enrollment runs from Mon 8 Jan 2018 - Fri 19 Jan 2018
This weight management program is 100% money back guaranteed to deliver results for you.

During the training course of 12 days you will lose weight and fat as everyone has, who has been on the program to date, as long as you follow the principles of the program.

There is no faddy diet, it is simply, clean eating, exercise and adopting healthy lifestyle principles. You learn types of food you eat that can help you burn energy without doing anything. Foods that keep you fuller for longer. Exercises that don’t take much time, but have intense fat burning effects and facts on nutritional benefits on foods. There is so much more and as the program is supported daily any question that you have will always be answered to help you find your unique metabolic homeostasis which will help you live better, look better and feel better.

You will receive:

* A Manual to prepare you for the 12 day program
* Shopping List
* Daily workout
* Daily food menu
* Daily support, education and motivation to help you learn the principles of the program that will support your initial, long term and maintenance weight goals
* Free E-Recipes to inspire you to create clean, lean and healthy foods

After the 12 days you become a member of our online Diet & Fitness Club, “lean lifestylers” to help you continue living the principles of the program with the support of the members of the group that have also completed the initial program to either continue losing weight or maintain your weight. You also have the option to jump back on board the daily supported 12 days each month to receive new workouts, recipes and support by the coach at a discounted price.

To be successful on this, you need to give:

* 100% to the program
* Cut out dairy, alcohol, caffeine and wheat
* Take before and after pictures to completely track your progress with weight and measurements
* Provide a testimonial on your result
* Be proactive in communicating within the group during the 12 days

You need to be on Facebook to join this program and for further information contact info@leanerliving.co.uk

If you wish to start immediately, there is already a pre-diet program and workouts in the group to begin now.
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